Booking requests

Do you want to propose a band for bee-flat ? Please read carefully, thank you !


  • bee-flat is NOT Turnhalle. It is the same venue, but bee-flat organize concerts ONLY Wednesdays and Sundays.
  • The season of bee-flat runs from mid-October until the end of Mai. It’s useless to try to book bands on summer, we’re closed.
  • Currently collecting options for October 21 - January 22
  • bee-flat opens again on October 17th, 2021
  • Please send E-Mails and don’t call on telephone.
  • Please send complete E-Mails with lot of links, music, videos and concrete proposal of dates. Do not send CD’s or material per post.
  • Please do not contact us via facebook or private messaging. Only E-mails.
  • The promoter is also the production-chief: If you don’t get any answer, either we’re not interested or it’s a matter of time. Do not call back, send E-Mails. With information. Lots of info.
  • Thank you for the good music ☺

Sound specs

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Lights specs

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Hospitality specs

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